I just found a letter that I wrote to myself in 2004.


FROM: Kirri
SUBJECT: A friendly reminder

Alright, we seem to have gotten off on the wrong foot here. I’m here to help you, so for future reference, please observe the following important reminders, as they are sure to make things easier and a lot more pleasant for you:

1. Why the hell would you want to be like somebody/everybody else? What’s the fun in that? Accept and embrace the absolute fact that you are completely individual.

2. As difficult as this is to comprehend - no, everybody is NOT staring at your wobbly bits. There are plenty of different bodies around. Yours is just one of them.

3. Don’t try to please everybody. Nobody is capable of doing this - there will always be someone who is not on the same level. By the way, that isn’t your fault.

4. The only person you need to be now, in a month or in a year, is yourself.

5. People can tell when you’re trying too hard to be somebody you’re not. Don’t disappoint them - let the real you shine through.

6. You are safe, stable and have an army of protectors looking after you. So relax. They won’t let you get hurt, and if they do, they have a very good reason for doing so.

7. Yes, people look at you when you walk into a room. Everyone looks at one another. Who cares what complete strangers think of you? There is an extremely good chance that they are worried about the same things as you are.

8. For Pete’s sake, stop being so terrified of food. It’s there to energize and nurture you. It is not the spawn of Satan. Eat normally, and regularly - and please, enjoy it. Stop putting unnecessary pressure on yourself with diets, fasts, bingeing/purging and other stupid habits. It is any wonder you are so miserable, child? It’s boring, and what’s more, it won’t do you any good in the long run.

9. You have so much more freedom than you realize. You are only limited by the barricades in your own mind, and you can knock them down.

10. You are not stupid. You are not stupid. You are not stupid. It’s so important that it bears repeating. So you’re stronger in some areas and less in others. Use your strengths. It’s better to know a little about a lot, than a lot about a little.

11. If you want to do something, and it feels right in your heart and mind, then do it. Don’t let others influence you, and by the same token, don’t ever feel that you can’t do anything because you’re simply not good enough. YOU ARE GOOD ENOUGH. Don’t you deserve what you truly desire?

12. Your looks are not all that you are - they do not define you, nor should they dictate your paths in life. You don’t look like anyone else, and that’s great. Those bits that you call ‘flaws’ are actually the bits that set you apart from all other people. You do not have to be flawless to be beautiful. By the way, nobody has ever been kicked out of bed for being good to cuddle up to. I’m serious.

13. Don’t live in fear of yourself. Embrace every single part of yourself, including your dark side. It will not go away and it cannot be suppressed, because it is important for you to have it. To reject it is to reject yourself.

14. So you’ve make mistakes. Some could be considered big ones. Shit, who hasn’t? The important thing is that you continue to learn from your experiences. Forgive yourself for any mistakes that you do make, too. Berating yourself has never helped you.

15. Have you ever considered that the reason you have not found a proper boyfriend (2012 note: I should probably edit this part now but it’s dated ‘04 so bugger it) could be because those that you have liked are simply not meant for you? Every single person in your life comes to you for a reason, big or small. Isn’t it better to have only a few good relationships than to have a string of bad ones? Be patient, and trust that someone is looking for you just as hard as you’re looking for them. You’ll know exactly when you’ve found them because they’ll come right when you need them.

16. You can get along with your family - all you need to do is simplify things and break out of routine, yours as well as theirs. Being related isn’t the same thing as being a family. It’s just like any relationship - you take the time to make it work. Remember: You picked them to be your family…

17. Ah, that key word: Simplify. Break things down into little pieces that are easier to digest. Nothing is so difficult that there is no solution.

18. Don’t ever hold back or bite your tongue for fear of being criticized. Speak for what you believe is true and let it be out in the open. You do not have to apologize for being honest and straight-forward - people appreciate you for this.

19. I have to say this again: YOU ARE GOOD ENOUGH. You are. I promise.

As a final note: You are completely individual. That’s what’s really beautiful. Every moment that you spend on this earth, you are showing your world who you are. Make each day, minute, second count by being yourself - the best person that you could ever be.

Perhaps now we’ll finally get some peace around here.

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