George Harrison & Billy Preston at Madison Square Garden; captured by Fred W. McDarrah (1974)

Anonymous:are you back at your home?

Nope, I’ve got another week or so in the States before I go back to reality! I’m in New York right now with the scrumptious Jules (afieldwithoutaname), and I head into NYC to explore on my own the day after tomorrow. After that, it’s back to Vegas for one more layover night and then that about wraps it up for me. Wibble.

April 22 | 12:53 | 1♥

It took me nearly a week to get international roaming activated and 35 minutes to use up available credit. I give you Aussie telecoms.

April 22 | 12:42 | 3♥

I go off the grid for a little while and there’s a ninja Chevy Birds of Foo Riders gig, they post an updated master tape pic, and Dave gatecrashes Taylor’s interview as ‘Missy’ to ask about his nipples. There is increased banding and Dayloring while my back is turned. Right. That’s how it’s going to be.

April 22 | 12:29 | 7♥
foofan95:Do you happen to know if there is a video out there of the gif you have of 2002 VHQ, where Dave is talking about shaking his ass for free? Thanks!

Hidey-ho, I can’t get the actual video to load on this hunk-o’-junk tablet (it’s like being back on Windows ‘95) so I don’t know if it still works, but I put the link in the text beneath the gifset (click on the x):

No worries!

April 22 | 12:21

Photographed by Jeff Vespa

I’m not sure if Jules’ dog is more cranky that I’m in his path or that i’m in his path with food that isn’t for him.

April 21 | 12:01 | 3♥

“Be someone who makes someone else look forward to tomorrow.” (via thedailypozitive)


Hoping no one notices you adjusting your nose piercing in public


Hoping no one thinks you’re picking your nose instead

April 21 | 11:35 | 9♥ | nikkicaliva

Today I learned that we’re mere minutes from the Woodstock site and destiny has revealed itself to me.

April 21 | 6:27 | 3♥