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A salute to whoever thought making a cover for a record was a neat idea.

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For real, these Biking Hawkins pics make me feel like such a slacker that I immediately changed to go for a walk and queued up a bunch of workout videos. Hawkins Guilt. I’m naming it.

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The Stooges, 1970


The Stooges, 1970

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My publisher sent me a call-out asking if I want to review Cannibal Corpse.

There is no chance that scenario won’t end with me doing that Ace Ventura dance.

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ARTIST: Russell Morris
TRACK: The Real Thing
ALBUM: The Dish
4 plays
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"I think this show could be absolutely amazing if it didn’t have such a emphasis on the foo fighters"

Someone is actually whining that a Foo Fighters doco series will have too much Foo Fighters.

In other news, bacon’s got too much pig in it.

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I got a little carried away (click for full-size, ie. to make my handwriting a bit more legible)

I got a little carried away (click for full-size, ie. to make my handwriting a bit more legible)

Taylor Hawkins’ general existence makes me feel so lazy in comparison.

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Australian telcos are trying to push a filter through legislation that will allow them to spy on people’s browsing activities, block and prosecute them if they so much as look at a torrent/streaming site. Under any circumstances.

I don’t think they’re taken one second to consider the thousands of students who use torrents to get ebooks, required software, and study materials they’d struggle to get on a student budget of zero, zip, and zilch.

And if they want to black out streaming sites, you can count out YouTube, so bye-bye, informative documentaries that you can’t just pop down to your library to lend out.

There are many reasons why a person would turn to sourcing these things online and not many of them are based on “but Aussie TV takes ages”. It’s quite revealing that our leaders will strip billions from public hospitals and foreign aid but invest so much in protecting their own pockets.

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via @juneapplemusic Watch your back Tahoe!


via @juneapplemusic Watch your back Tahoe!

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Can I just say that I like your blog and I like you as well. You have a real passion for music and that's really really cool.

Oh, hey, any music-related compliment is a hefty one, thank you! Eh, my general attitude to music is, if you make it, i’ll give it a go. My dad would sit me down when I was little, turn on the radio and give me a flash music appreciation lesson, whatever happened to be playing. So I reckon that has a lot to do with my tastes being all over the place.

Chances are I already like or will get to like you, too, so cheers!

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