Photo by Michael Cooper - Keith smoking a sebsi and sipping mint tea at the Kiel Cafe in Tangier, Morocco

Stevie Nicks & Lindsey Buckingham

Well, my ride is on their way, so like a prawn in the sun, i’m off. I’ll be popping in sporadically whenever free wifi is kind to me, and you can absolutely feel free to keep using my ask box (because it is and always will be for you), but I can’t promise as quick a response as usual because holiday. You’ll be hearing from me. Be cool. Rock out. Love hard.

April 12 | 10:31 | 14♥

My identifier when my friends talk about me with others and in trivia scenarios is “music nerd” and I am absolutely okay with this.

April 12 | 10:17 | 6♥
Anonymous:are dave and jordyn having another child?

It looks to be true, as it turns out. I ignored it for a while because the news came via tabloid rags and 99% of what they publish is only good for cat litter, but Jordyn’s starting to show and Dave’s making a point of steering her towards cameras and touching her belly in photos now. There’s been no official announcement but you can put two and two together with his “I made this” mannerisms.

April 12 | 10:10 | 14♥

Dave is putting his hand on Jordyn’s stomach in every photo lately like he’s waiting for his “congrats on the sex” cake.

April 12 | 10:02 | 58♥
I love you thank you i take it this means i have your blessing to see Foos i felt like i needed this and you probably weren’t aware never mind
You being in the vicinity of Foos is auto-blessed (no waiting) but the same applies for you being you in your you-ness

April 12 | 9:40 | 1♥